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No, not Gatorade.

No, not Gatorade.

A few weeks after the release of Fedora 9, it will be once again time for Fedora Project Board elections. This time around, as you may have heard, we have shifted our composition to five elected seats out of nine, instead of the previous four.

Are you someone who thinks a lot about Fedora’s impact on society and the world? Do you love reading books about open standards and the free/remix culture? Do you want to work on big-picture issues as opposed to technical details? Has the time you’ve spent working in the Fedora Project brought you an appreciation for all the things our contributor community does? Then you might be just the sort of person who’s interested in a seat on the Board.

The job of the Board is to advise and guide the Fedora Project, as laid out on its wiki page. We try to make sure that Fedora is at all times living up to its mission of the advancement of free and open source software, and that we are doing so in an open, transparent way. Board membership carries with it a responsibility to the community to deal with thorny issues, to anticipate and serve the needs of our contributors, and to stay true to the principles on which the Project is founded. In return, you have unlimited cosmic power!

That last part is not really true. In fact, the Board doesn’t really have resources of its own — it’s the Board’s job to guide and advise, and convince other Fedora contributors of the right path to follow. It can be difficult work, but it’s rewarding to see the growth of Fedora worldwide as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and how far we’ve yet to go.

If you are interested, you can simply nominate yourself by posting a message to the fedora-advisory-board list, and please cc: me as well.

Election dates have not been set yet, but you can expect that announcement very shortly.