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And the big tomato says, “Catch up.”

And the big tomato says, “Catch up.”

Problems (and the wailing, and the lashings) continue with the new WRT54GL router. I’m now using the current Tomato 1.19 firmware, which is totally swank but unfortunately hasn’t fixed the problems. The router seems to be offering DHCP addresses on the WLAN, but neither my laptop nor any other box in the house will stay connected for more than a few seconds.

The channel is clear of other devices in the area, the transmit power is fine, and NetworkManager on my laptop sees the ESSID without a problem. I have SSH connectivity to the “Tomatofied” router, so I can see the configuration information being used, and nothing looks particularly amiss.

This is making my workday quite a bit more difficult since the router is in the basement great room, and I’m connected by the leash of an Ethernet cable right now. The lack of comfortable work-style seating is proving to be… not good. Even the dog knows something is wrong — she just came in and looked at me as if to say, “Umm… isn’t your office in the other room?”

If you’ve got tips, please come find me on Freenode (as “stickster”).