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World now safe for inanity.

World now safe for inanity.

Jef Spaleta prepared new builds of Istanbul, the GNOME screencast recorder, that feature a fix for a long-standing pernicious GStreamer problem. Most Fedora maintainers wouldn’t carry this sort of fix as a patch because it’s pure silliness (basically “ignore this error”), but upstream GNOME is living with it for now too.

The upshot is, you can now create screencasts to show off your Fedora system. I’ve created a couple myself.

A decent USB headset is a good start to having understandable audio — doing these through your laptop mic while you bang on the keyboard usually yields poor results. In the future, I’ll have a nice microphone and sound mixer rigged up through my digital audio interface to get a way better audio track, but that will probably have to wait until after we move.

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