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FUDCon hotel registration.

FUDCon hotel registration.

To remind everyone about FUDCon hotel registration — please visit the following link for hotel reservations:

FUDCon F10 Hotels

The link at that page will guarantee you the lowest rate at the hotel. If you make reservations at the Summit hotels outside this link, that will probably not happen. (These hotels are usually about twice as much as the rate for which we’re getting them.) Red Hat also gets credit for that room on its tally, which helps the event staff.

For those people looking to share a room (or any crash space), here’s what I suggest:

  1. Mark the wiki page’s attendee list, under “Comments,” saying you either “will share,” or “need to share.”
  2. Look on the list and see if you can find someone who has marked the opposite comment.
  3. Offer to share, or ask if you can share, a room or other space.
  4. Once you have an agreement, mark the “Comments” again to say you’re “sharing with [person’s name]”.

Think of this as the BarCamp methodology applied to lodging. ?

UPDATE: Note to self — talking about links not as good as providing them.


  1. Máirín

    “The hotels are all very close to the T’s green line, and thus convenient to Boston University.”

    Are there events taking place at BU as well at Hynes?

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