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Many happy returns of the day.

Many happy returns of the day.

If you haven’t seen the lovely and festive new banner on the Fedora home page today, check it out! Today is a celebration — FIVE GREAT YEARS of Fedora so far. Yes, five years ago, was officially born, which is, I think, a great date to mark the occasion. Happy Birthday, Fedora community!

Happy 5th Birthday Fedora!

I’m digging the banner especially, because it spells out what makes Fedora great — our community of code and collateral developers, contributors, and users. I’ve been part of the Fedora community almost since it started, and I can look back on each year and see the way this community has grown and thrived. We may not get things perfect every time, but Fedora is about being willing to aim high and try hard, as often as needed and as fast as possible.

That’s what the open source model is about — innovating through iterating. Not being content to let others bear the burden. Reaching out to the wider community, and always offering solutions that are unencumbered, open, and free. And remembering that we’re always strongest when we pull together. THANK YOU ALL for your contributions, support, time, effort, and devotion to software freedom. You guys don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk, every day.

I’m absolutely proud to be a member of this community for five amazing, educational, challenging, and rewarding years. There’s so much still ahead for Fedora — make sure you stick around for the cake and ice cream! If you want to sing the “You smell like a monkey” version of “Happy Birthday,” that’s OK too.

And if you get a chance today, blog a Happy Birthday message to Fedora and spread the love.


  1. Roni M. Oliva

    As a happy user of Fedora and Red Hat before, I wish the Fedora Community a very happy birthday!

    Keep innovating and keep those great release coming.

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  3. Iztok

    Vse najboljše Fedora !!

    Happy birthday from SLovenija 😉

    I am a Happy User, started using it from Core 1 and I can tell it is getting better and better …

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