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So that’s where I put those spare minutes.

So that’s where I put those spare minutes.

Things accomplished so far this weekend:

  • Held a FredLUG meeting, except none of the new folks showed up — probably a combination of Saturday morning and ugly weather. Two of them have won some nice giveaway schwag, though, so I expect we’ll see them at a meeting soon.
  • Watched the weather turn from rainy to unberably humid, back and forth several times in succession. Yay.
  • Worked on Release Notes repository, mainly getting the notes building with the latest Publican. I found some discrepancies that will take a tiny bit of release engineering retooling on the side, hopefully nothing horrible. Once again I failed miserably at figuring out why anyone would think that running sed-ish Perl scripts is a good substitute for proper XSLT. More collaboration would have helped a lot in publican’s development, IMHO. In championing this tool as a way of increasing that collaboration, I feel like I might also be shooting the Docs Project in the foot. We still have time to revert to our previous toolchain if needed.
  • Did some expense reports for the office, which are a PITA but a necessary evil.
  • Learned some more about git, by paying partial attention to some videos that RSS was kind enough to throw in my direction.
  • Installed a new showerhead in one of the upstairs bathrooms. Hopefully this will save some water, but my ulterior motive came from having to shower in that bathroom while our master bath was being restored this summer. The original, crappy, contractor-grade showerhead was still installed there, so I decided to do away with it this weekend finally.
  • Worked with Evie on some extra math enrichment stuff from her second grade class. She’s pretty much a pistol at everything so far. Some of the problems were subtraction, so when it came to a problem like “34 – 19,” I asked her in mock surprise, “Uh-oh, how do we handle four minus nine?”, and she answered matter of factly, “That’s negative five, Daddy.” (Next up, algebra.)
  • Got the book Snake Wrangling for Kids installed on her OLPC XO, which she’s already enjoying.

I also found out how to do some pretty boss CVS importing to turn some of the Docs content into git repos.

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  1. Ricky Zhou

    Wow, the 4 – 9 story made me really happy :-). It’s very comforting to see some successful math education happening in this country. Good luck with algebra!

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