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Everybody loves rehab.

Everybody loves rehab.

I’ve been a little scarce after hours recently because of some family matters here in Virginia. My mom has had progressively worsening back problems for a while now, and this week she had another surgery, just a few weeks following the previous one. Right now she’s in a full-time rehab facility (not a nursing home), where she’s recuperating and doing exercises that will get her back to the point she can walk effectively again. She’s recovering very well thus far, a far cry from earlier this week, when she was losing the ability to actually move her lower extremities — thanks to all those who sent nice thoughts her way, they’re much appreciated!

So when she gets home, I’ll likely be working from her home part-time. If you find my presence is a little reduced, it’s probably because her router isn’t configured quite like mine (nor can it be, since it’s not an open model like my Linksys WRT54GL). I’m tending to eschew IRC just a bit recently so I can get a lot of my other communications moving. But I should be around some this weekend as I work on Docs tasks a bit. Bear with me as I circumnavigate the choppy waters of Someone Else’s Internet Connection!

I’m actually headed over to the rehab facility now to hang out with mom for a bit — back later.

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