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Bundling up.

Bundling up.

Release notes.

It looks like we have at least 12 locales with 100% completed translations for Fedora’s release notes, which is great. A few more may be rolling in shortly, because there are several that are almost done right now. By tomorrow we’ll be rolling the RPM package that will go in the final Fedora 10 release images (CD, DVD, etc.).

The deadline is formally 13 November at 23:59 UTC, but we can probably swing a few hours for those that need it.


I have to take a long-ish drive down to Raleigh today so I may be offline for a good portion of business hours today. I am testing out the offlineimap package, which may make travel easier in the long run. It’s kind of like rsync for IMAP, was extremely simple to set up, and the only thing that seems to get in the way from time to time is Gmail’s tendency to swap servers out somewhat less than transparently from under the connection.

It definitely does take a while to pull 2.5 GB of email, though.

Tasks to the max.

For some reason I’ve managed to shoulder way too much writing this week. I have a huge amount of drafting to do between now and tomorrow, and the roughly four hours of the day driving won’t help a lot. Tonight it should be easy to have uninterrupted time, so I’m putting off what I can to concentrate on those documents that need first priority. I try to do that sort of juggling every day, but when the balls multiply and turn into chainsaws, things get a lot more interesting!

Rah rah.

And finally, I am INCREDIBLY EXCITED that Fedora 10 is going to be out in just a couple of weeks! Intrepid folks are putting blocker bugs under the microscope as we speak, and this promises to be a really great release. Some of the things we must continue to consistently spread word about, to make sure people understand them:

I am incredibly proud of the Fedora community and equally so of the Cambridge release. It’s making me very eager to see everyone at FUDCon in January!

All right, must go back to writing now, ttfn.

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