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The Return of G1G1.

The Return of G1G1.

Probably most Fedora community members already know this, but starting tomorrow the Give One Get One program returns, this time courtesy of Amazon. You’ll also be able to get a 4 GB SanDisk Extreme III SD Card to run Fedora 10, complete with extra swap space and live persistence.

If any readers are already trying out these cards and/or F10 on the OLPC XO, make sure you stop by the Amazon page and leave your thoughts there.

I also note that OLPC has an intriguing new site (Flash required) to let people share their thoughts about changing the world. Nice design and execution, and really gives you a sense of the hope that people have in a brighter future for all the world’s children. Explore!


  1. Here in Vancouver Canada, after finishing to work for going to school, I took opportunity to let public try the XO-1 laptop especially kids. I am considering to demonstrate Mesh network with both the old B-4 and the C2 I received for F10onXO project.
    What surprised me about G1G1 is Amazon do not use their Canadian branch for that program. It is really odd considering that Canada is just aside United States. These issues will need to be resolved.

  2. bochecha

    I talked with the guys from OLPC-France this week end, and it seems that there will be a G1G1 for europeans too, so that they don’t need to order to Amazon US.

    It isn’t clear yet if it will all be at or if some european countries will have their own (,, etc…), but it will almost certainly be done (at least the european branch of OLPC is aiming to it).

    Daniel Drake is speaking about it, stay tuned to his blog: //

    /me willl have his XO \o/

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