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The tallies are in.

The tallies are in.

Election results for the Fedora Project Board, the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, and the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee are all announced this morning.

Bill Nottingham and Matt Domsch have been elected to the two open seats on the Board. Josh Boyer, Dan Horák, Jarod Wilson, and Jon Stanley have been elected to the open seats on FESCo. Max Spevack, Joerg Simon, Francesco Ugolini, Thomas Canniot, Rodrigo Padula, David Nalley, and Susmit Shannigrahi have been elected to the open seats on FAMSCo. In particular, I think it’s wonderful that all the major regions of the world are represented in the election results for FAMSCo.

Congratulations to all those elected, and thank you to all those who ran and voted. Special thanks also to Matt Domsch for his assistance in organizing the town hall candidate meetings, and Nigel Jones for setting up and running the election process.

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