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Linux on film.

Linux on film.

This is a very cool news item, although I’m wondering how the result is ever to see air time without some money behind it. I’d love to see some of the creative minds in Fedora get involved — but I think the result should be distribution-agnostic if it’s to be worth anything. Hopefully other community leaders will agree with me.


  1. Jef Spaleta

    Someone needs to contact James Cameron and do a spoof where it shows a terminator booting up in the future through a grub screen into the linux environment and then saying the words “I’m Linux, come with me if you want to live”.

    “Linux for Sentient Artificial Lifeforms”

    But yeah I think Casey is right, that IBM spot is really good. It captures a lot of the competing memes that make the open ecosystem in which linux sits work.


  2. I concur with Casey’s point re: the IBM video. Perhaps they $$ could be taken and have it rerun. Gave me goosebumps.

    That said, take submissions of hundreds, thousands of amateur entries and remake the 3 judged most promising. Then choose the 1 to air from this.

    The IBM spot, while good, raises the expectation bar to unreasonable heights. No OS is without its issues.

    I like the idea of Linux in the form of a worker who just gets things done – reliably, on-time, way under budget. Contrast this with others if necessary: the Mac prima donna, who arrives late, takes off early, and requires a lot of stroking to feel good about him/herself. Costs a lot too. The Windows guy/gal sometimes gets things done, but has to restart several times, taking more time and resources than budgeted. Always sick (gets socked with tons of malware and virii).

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