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Did I break your concentration?

Did I break your concentration?

I’m still getting used to my new iPhone but I have managed to get a bunch of freebie applications installed on it. That was an adventure in itself, thanks to the fact that one needs an iTunes account just to get free stuff. And you can’t sign up for an account straight from your iPhone, at least as far as I could discern. Design FAIL, and unexpected from a firm that prides itself on such things.

I had to dig out an old Windows XP disc to install a virtual guest machine on my laptop’s Fedora 10 system, just to install iTunes and make an account with the intention of only downloading free (as in beer) stuff. I suppose that will be amusing to people who hate the iPhone and/or Apple already. I’m pretty sure this is a casualty of the need for DRM on their revenue generating service… I just found it to be really off-putting from a usability standpoint.

Still love the phone though, I gotta admit. I’ve had a crap phone for so many years that it’s nice to finally have something with a usable interface. Something from which I can, for instance, write this blog entry! ?

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