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The fizzy and the still.

The fizzy and the still.

For a few minutes it seemed like much of the world — as seen from my little vantage point in the intartubez — stood still, as the U.S. inaugurated its 44th President in customary, non-violent, and celebratory fashion. There was an enormous crowd, a stirring speech and call to action, a warm blessing and a day to remember. The inauguration of Barack Obama was momentous and at times heart-warming: a great day as with all Inaugural Days, the peaceful transition of power and the eagerness of the entire public to see what changes the new administration brings.

Today is for celebrating; tomorrow is the day to put away the sensational headlines, the sneering, the rejoicing, and the gushing. Tomorrow we put our shoulders to the wheel and PUSH. That is what the President has called on us to do, and that is where we must prove, rather than proclaim, the words “Yes We Can.” When we look back on this day years from now, let us not have squandered its significance on petty power squabbles or the pointing of fingers. Let us take the opportunity we have today to reaffirm the promise of this great nation.

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  1. I see today thusly:

    1. Determine the issues (divine the salient from the silly).

    2. Determine what *can* be done (say the serenity prayer several times).

    3. List the entities other than the Federal government capable of effecting a solution.

    4. Determine if the Federal government is, after this list, still the ideal agent of effecting a solution.

    5. Resolve the issue.

    If we would follow through with such a fearless process, I dare say we’d see remarkable progress as a society. The degree to which the Obama administration employs a process like the above is the degree to which I will promote its measures.

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