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Spare hours FAIL.

Spare hours FAIL.

Today in a nutshell, since I’m running on empty and can’t be creative right now:

  • 0700: Left house for Raleigh.
  • 1030: Arrive Red Hat. Meet Max just as I’m about to enter the building, and almost fail to recognize him because his hair’s so short. ? Head upstairs, open laptop, sync mail, put out fires.
  • 1145: Make it down to the POSSE 09 conference room and wave hi. Meet Mel Chua, intern extraordinaire, and also say hi to Ian, intern extraordinaire #2. Grab marginally nutritious snack and beverage, and run back upstairs for Board meeting.
  • 1330: Back to POSSE room to see what’s actually happening there — Mozilla hacking, awesome! Talk to Chris Tyler and a couple other contributors.
  • 1400: Meet with Max about some internal stuff, mostly budget and other administrivia, also FUDCon preliminaries.
  • 1530: Meet with Legal.
  • 1630: Back to POSSE, which is letting out for the day a few minutes after I arrive. (*Sigh.*) Send a couple emails, finally say more than five words in a row to Greg DeK, which I would have done sooner if not for the whirlwind of stuff to do.
  • 1645: Back upstairs, sit next to Max. We barely talk to each other as we read and pound out other emails in a vain attempt to catch up.
  • 1800: Head to cars to rendezvous with group for dinner, which is highly enjoyable, attended not only by the students and staff, but we’re also joined by Michael Cunningham, Red Hat EVP and general counsel and have a nice chat with him too.
  • 2130: Arrive at hotel, unpack my tiny bit of stuff, and discover I have no broadband connection (broken modem). After the help line fails to restart or fix the modem properly, the clerk gives me a new room.
  • 2230: Repack, move to new room, discover I have a barely functional A/C. Give up, do work, post this blog.
  • 0030: Sleep.