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Fedora Talk activity day.

Fedora Talk activity day.

For a while now, I’ve been working on plans for a FAD to work on our Fedora Talk VoIP system. There are a couple gaps I’d really like to fill, such as the ability to record, publish, and/or stream calls. These features would make the system much more capable of high transparency. They’d also contribute to an archival history that might help future contributors in the same way as other types of conference and meeting proceedings.

For example, it would be really cool if we could use the Talk server to record our sessions at FUDCon, which could be streamed and/or downloaded later by any community member. The only thing we’d need to do is to run a microphone into any laptop running a VoIP softphone on Fedora Talk, set the record level, and voila.

The raison d’être for any Fedora Activity Day is to gather a small number of interested contributors to a central location to work on short-term, focused goals that advance some part of the Fedora Project. (These are very different from the Fedora Users and Developers Conferences (FUDCons), which are much larger gatherings that serve many needs.) I’ve been to a couple of FADs this year already, including one for Documentation in Clemson, SC, and another for the development cycle in Raleigh, NC. So, in keeping with the slow sojourn up the East Coast, I am working on one that will be held in my hometown of Fredericksburg, VA.

It might be nice to add one more person with some Python and Infrastructure skills to our merry band, especially if they know something about streaming media. If you’re interested, drop me a line and put your name on the wiki page.