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PHP/JavaScript hackers needed.

PHP/JavaScript hackers needed.

The Fedora Documentation team needs some short-term help from a few people who can help us resolve some licensing snafu’s. I’ve been working with Docs, Marketing, and several other teams to finally get a content management system lifted off for Fedora. This system would let us do a better job of putting news, documentation, PR materials, and other important content in front of the public beyond our community. Some time ago, we went through all the various options for a CMS, and after public comment and putting heads together with the fabulous Fedora Infrastructure team, we ultimately decided on Zikula (which some readers might know from its previous life as PostNuke).

As the various teams have been consulted for needs, we’ve started to develop a list of Zikula extension modules, and package them for Fedora and EPEL. During the package review, as Karsten Wade noted in a recent blog, we’ve discovered some licensing flaws that we’d like to help upstream resolve. One of the points of collaboration is to build on each other’s work and strengthen it, after all.

However, to accomplish this with less drag, we really need the help of someone who has experience in PHP and JavaScript, who can help us yank out a couple included scripts and substitute compatibly licensed material. Then we can send the patches upstream for the good of all. We believe the work itself is not particularly difficult or extensive.

If you have significant PHP and JavaScript experience and could spend a couple of days helping us resolve these issues, please get in touch with us via the fedora-docs-list, send email to pfrields or sparks (both at fedoraproject dot org), or leave me a comment here.

UPDATE: As J5 pointed out, bug numbers would be good. They’re listed in my comment on this post.


  1. Anderson Silva

    Hey Paul,

    I work for RH at RDU in IT. In a previous life I was a php developer. I am off tomorrow, but I’d be willing to help out on Friday/Monday.


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