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Chi love.

Chi love.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading down to the Richmond airport to head out for the world-renowned, forward-looking, future-proofing, often imitated, never equaled Red Hat Summit in Chicago.  I’m giving a talk on Wednesday afternoon on how Fedora fits into the overall Linux development strategy at Red Hat.

But I’ll also be spending a lot of time playing booth boy, and, as is often the case at events where there’s press around, running my big fat mouth. ? Thankfully there will be plenty of Fedora people there to share the love, like Fedora Ambassadors John Rose and Sandro Mathys, the fab-o “Mizmo” from Fedora Design, and the one and only Francesco Crippa!

(Shill moment, stand back.) The Red Hat Summit is consistently one of the most invigorating, informational, entertaining, and value-packed events I’ve been to. Before I was a Red Hat employee, I would attend these conferences to learn about desktop developments, system administration technologies, and how open source was making waves in the world of commerce. And sure, I’m not going to lie, the evening shindigs are always fantastic. But the key to the Summit is the ability to talk one-on-one with other open source strategists, developers, and technicians, and share stories.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the event. But I might be harder to reach than usual because the Summit is literally packed with people who want to know more about Fedora! So if it takes me a little longer to get back to you on something this week, forgive me and I’ll make it up to you. See you in Chi-town, baby!

(By the way, don’t forget if you’re there to use the #rhsummit and #jbossworld hashtags in your various microblogs.)