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I’m speaking at UTOSC.

I’m speaking at UTOSC.

Im speaking at UTOSC 2009!
I'm speaking at UTOSC 2009!

Coming up in a few weeks is one of my favorite events from last year — the fantastic Utah Open Source Conference 2009. It will be held October 8-10 in SLC and features a cross-distribution speaker lineup that includes people from projects all around the free software universe.

Ace community developer and all-around nice guy Clint Savage sent me a code you can use — FDRA — for a discount on the already extremely low registration fee. If you register before September 26 (that’s this coming Saturday!), the normal fee is only $70 for three days and over 50 technical sessions, plus birds-of-a-feather sessions and other exciting events. But with this code, you can get 50% off that fee and it’s only $35. Now I’ve been to UTOSC before, and I can tell you that $70 is already an amazing deal. How can you pass it up at only $35?

OK, sales pitch style is done now. Seriously, this is a fantastic conference and one thing I really liked about it is its very inclusive, family-friendly style. There’s even a special Family Day planned where you can bring the kids for all sorts of activities and a cookout.

I said last year that I would not be surprised if UTOSC, which has almost doubled in size every year, became one of the premier Linux community conferences in the USA. Yes, it’s near and dear to my heart because I know some of the wonderful organizers, and because I had such a great time there last year. I was even honored to give a keynote there. This time there are other superb speakers, and I’ll be giving a talk myself, along with holding a Fedora BoF session. But despite my obvious non-objectivity, from everything I can see about UTOSC 2009, I think that prediction’s already come true!


    1. @jujitsu!: Running proprietary software makes the lion feel tired and slow. Fedora’s powerful free software makes him feel mighty and proud! (He’s actually roaring, but your take is funny.)

  1. You’re speaking about UFOs in South Carolina? Well, I always knew the “government” entity for which you previously worked had more info on UFOs than they were letting on.

    Will you be posting the proceedings here?

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