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FUDCon notelets, no. 2.

FUDCon notelets, no. 2.

A couple tidbits related to the FUDCon Toronto 2009 event happening in a few months, of particular interest for travelers coming from outside Canada:

  • Check with your mobile phone provider ahead of time, to check your coverage. Nothing sucks more than coming back from an event to find a huge phone bill waiting for you because you didn’t remember roaming charges…
  • …Except for possibly not being able to enter the host country at the border. If you’re a non-US citizen who plans to fly to Boston and take our bus from there to Canada, make sure you check in advance with all the appropriate authorities for requirements for your successful journey. You may need, for example, a transit visa and supporting documentation. Do your homework now so we don’t have to leave you at the border! ?

I’m sure more of these little tips will come up as we go, and we’ll add them to the wiki page as needed.


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