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Hamster on the move.

Hamster on the move.

Very cool — the Hamster applet, which I use to track my time, is featured in the GNOME 2.28 release notes. I really enjoy using this application to keep count of my hours and the way I spend my time during the work day. Thanks to its flexibility for noting details about my major tasks, I can also use it to send summaries to my managers. Interestingly, it stores info in an SQLite database, so it’s easy to use Hamster’s data elsewhere if desired; and of course it exports to a variety of formats as well.

I posted earlier about Hamster, and I’m glad to see it getting some attention in GNOME 2.28. Of course you’ll see it available in Fedora 12 as well, so I hope some of you readers find it useful; if so, let the developers know!


  1. @Máirín: Yeah, actually the UI has sprouted some new bits here and there which I find are helpful. Which is funny, because about a week or so ago I got 2.27.93 and rolled myself a new RPM to try it out, but 2.28.0 is now in the Rawhide repo.

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