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Bubble change.

Bubble change.

Just so no one gets too surprised, I see that our Desktop team has subtly altered the notifications in F12/Rawhide. Notification bubbles now look like this:

Notification bubble in Fedora 12

These bubbles drop the gray theme with a color bar used in previous releases for the more prevalent “none more black” found in Ubuntu and some other distributions. While there’s something to be said for the old theme with its elegant shading and matching with our default theme, the newer notifications are more eye catching, which means they’re more effective at doing their job.

In general, I agree that fewer notifications are generally better, and that if the computer wants to take your attention away from what you’re doing, it ought to be warranted. Nevertheless, I did see a few minor issues with the bubbles, so I filed bug 525864 (which is already closed, yay Desktop team!) and bug 525867. On the whole, I’ve already noticed them more often (see? they work!) and used that recognition to tune the number of notifications I use in some applications, so I’m getting interrupted for important things.


  1. bochecha

    I’ve been surprised by this change the other day when the package was installed in a daily Rawhide update.

    And soon after I found it particularly ugly (but thought it would be awesome in the black Gnome-Shell), it was back to the Nodoka theme, without my changing anything.

    That’s an adaptive desktop! 😀

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