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FWN 200.

FWN 200.

A special thanks and congratulations to the marvelous folks working on the Fedora Weekly News project. They’ve reached another milestone with Issue 200 this week!

FWN works in a highly collaborative way, organized into “beats” — much like any real newspaper. Each beat focuses on a specific area or team in the Fedora Project, and has a principal reporter who summarizes the week’s work for that team. The beat writer does a short summary of any major issues that might be of interest to the larger community, and provides links for people who want to dig deeper.

There are beats on the list that are open for new editors, or if you’re interested in collaborating with another editor, the list of beats makes it easy to connect with one who’s covering your area of interest. It takes only a little bit of time each week and it’s a gift to the community that helps thousands of people, every single issue.

FWN was started some time ago by the illustrious Thomas Chung, and has had many editors in chief over its nearly five years of history. Currently it has two co-editors in chief, the fabulous Pascal Calarco the seemingly omnipresent Adam Williamson, who keep the FWN well-oiled so its numerous contributors can bring the freshest news to readers each week.

The FWN is widely read around and outside the Fedora Project, and I want to give a warm, personal thank-you and a hearty congratulations to everyone who works on the FWN team. The work you do makes it much easier for a community member to stay abreast of the latest developments across the Fedora Project, and you and your work are greatly valued and respected. Rock on, FWN, and thanks for 200 great issues — and counting!

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