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FUDCon signups.

FUDCon signups.

As of this writing, we have 120 people signed up for the FUDCon Toronto 2009 event, and it’s still a month away! I’m so excited to be holding the first North American event outside the USA. I’m also looking forward to seeing many good friends there, such as the illustrious Chris Tyler, who has done so much for this event already to make it a success. We’ll have many new friends joining us as well, and plenty of content that will be of interest to general users, developers, system administrators, and other open source enthusiasts and professionals. (You’ll find all the lowdown on the wiki page, of course.) The weekend of December 5-7 might be cold in Toronto, but there will be lots of energy flowing from ideas, collaboration, and fun.

Now, as part of each FUDCon we have a pre-registration process, which is where I got the number 120 above. We never require anyone to pre-register — you can simply show up at a FUDCon and you will be warmly welcomed to attend and participate as much as you like! But pre-registration gives you a little bonus, in return for letting us know you’re coming. Of course you’ll find a name badge (and a smiling registrar) waiting for you, and also a shirt in your size. And you’ll get a paid pass to FUDPub, our social event on Saturday night, which entitles you to free eats and non-alcoholic beverages.

Here’s the catch: there’s a pre-registration cap, so that we know we’ll have enough of everything to go around. The cap is 130, which means we’re getting pretty close at this point! Now, don’t get too worried — if you don’t decide to come until later (even the day of the event!), you are still welcome at FUDCon. You’ll be able to participate in the technical sessions, the hackfests, the roundtables, and so forth. We just won’t be able to guarantee that there will be free goodies left at that point. (Pssst — at past FUDCons, though, people often show up on the last day and score goodies that are left over!)

Something tells me that there will be plenty of free Fedora 12 media to be had, though. ?

After we pass the magic number, we’ll still feature a signup at the pre-registration area, and that way we’ll still know which rooms we need for the beginning and ending sessions on Saturday, where everyone gathers together. We have what we think will work at this point, a 160-seat auditorium, but it’s always good to be prepared.

So if you’re on the fence, let me remind you that FUDCon is — as always! — completely and 100% FREE! Just like the wonderful distribution that comes from our fabulous community members, it’s no cost, all freedom. Freedom to look around, freedom to learn, freedom to teach, freedom to get involved, freedom to participate in our community of contribution. Please join us from December 5-7 in Toronto for a wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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