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Upside down.

Upside down.

I’m getting on a plane in a few hours that’s going to take me from Washington DC to Los Angeles, and then just a couple hours after landing, another one from LAX to Brisbane in Australia. Thanks to the timezones crossed, plus the international date line, I leave LAX late Friday night, and arrive in Brisbane near dawn on Sunday morning.

I’ll be there (along with Spot) until next Friday, when we fly back to the USA. With the timezones the other way around, I think I get back around last Tuesday, meaning plenty of time to work on more Fedora bits before the release!

Well, I think that my numbers may be a bit off there, but in any case, I’ll be on Down Under time for the next week or so. I’ll definitely have access to email but obviously it will be a bit harder to catch everyone during the day on IRC. ?

Let’s all be focused on getting out the best Fedora release yet. I want to give my most sincere and awe-struck thanks to everyone in our community who’s contributed to the upcoming Fedora 12. I’m using the pre-release now, and it’s been fantastic! With new virtualization features, desktop polish, and developer goodies, I think many people are going to like what they see.

OK, off to check weather in Brisbane, and then pack.


    1. @snerd: Actually, it was gorgeous here yesterday — about 21 C out, blue skies with fluffy clouds and a light breeze all day. There was a thunderstorm in the evening but we were safely under canopy at the Queen St. Mall having a pint, so no harm there. 🙂

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