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Bring on the skins.

Bring on the skins.

Did you know that you can use Fedora trademarks to create skins, application themes, Firefox personas, and other such application sprucer-uppers, pursuant to our trademark guidelines? You can find this change, along with complete usage guidelines, through our trademark guidelines page on the Fedora wiki.


  1. I planned before and then, getting carried with other things, forgot about it to write a post with guidelines about making a Firefox persona: probably the best thing is to avoid using the logo and make it feel Fedora from using the right colors.

    Another catch is the license: most of the existing personas with a Fedora theme are crops from our wallpapers. But the wallpapers are CC-BY-SA and nobody provided the needed attribution (Mozilla is guilty here for not providing a place/field/description for credits).

  2. Thanks Paul, this really is a great improvement over the previous situation! I hope the websites that were closed down due to the struggles are going to be revived. I’m trying to spread the word to the people affected.

    1. @Christoph: Just to be clear, there have been no changes to the guidelines that govern websites. This addition allows people to create special application-specific themes such as Mozilla Firefox personas using Fedora trademarks provided they meet the criteria laid out in the guidelines (which are pretty simple).

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