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Helping the defenders, errata.

Helping the defenders, errata.

Some additional information regarding my last post about helping Red Hat with a Fedora trademark issue: It turns out that materials using the old Fedora logo aren’t necessarily irrelevant. In fact, any evidence of our using the word “Fedora” in connection with our distro before January 30, 2007 is valuable. Check out this email from Pam Chestek, who deals with IP issues in Red Hat’s legal department, for more details.

In a couple personal emails to some helpful contributors, I may have mentioned that only the new logo was useful (thus limiting us to a window from about late 2005 through January 30, 2007. However, that was incorrect, and if you have earlier evidence of our use of the word “Fedora” (whether it has the old logo, the new logo, or simply the word “Fedora” in connection with the Fedora distro), it’s useful!

You can find the mailing addresses you need in this original posting to the advisory-board list.

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