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Test day for systemd tomorrow.

Test day for systemd tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 7, there will be a Test Day for the new systemd init facility in Fedora 14. You can find the participants on IRC Freenode at #fedora-test-day.

Participating in a test day is simple, and you don’t even need to have the Fedora 14 prerelease installed on your system to participate. We have a nightly Live image that you’ll be able to download and run from USB to do all the testing. If you do have a prerelease of Fedora installed, though, you’ll want to make sure it’s updated with the latest software.

These Test Days are a marvelous way for the whole community to participate in the development of new and innovative software for Linux users everywhere. Whenever we have these test days, we communicate the issues we find to the upstream so they can make the software better for everyone. That’s the open source way at work.

You might also be interested to know that soon we’ll be having test days for the free graphical (Xorg) drivers for Nouveau, Radeon, and Intel graphics cards the days of September 28-30. These drivers have been making huge progress over the last few releases of Fedora, and the Test Days have definitely helped. Just about anyone can run the tests for these drivers and help us squash out bugs in your favorite system’s video card.

Please join us for systemd testing tomorrow, and keep your eyes peeled for news about other exciting test days. You can help make free software even better!