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New Logitech H555 details.

New Logitech H555 details.

In reference to my earlier post, I picked up my replacement H555 headset this weekend and wanted to share the changes I noticed from the earlier model I previously owned. Some changes are good, some are not.

Pros: The headset band is now a little thicker — this might make the newer one just a little less prone to breakage if you dropped it from a great height or if someone who didn’t weigh a lot sat on it. All the previous adjustments are still available. Also, although the microphone stalk is about the same size, the mic housing itself at the end of the stalk is a little bulkier. This probably contributes to a little better noise reduction, which I’ve noticed in casual use thus far.

Same: The general mic sound quality is the same. It’s quite good for VoIP and casual use in screencasts, but of course not as good as a quality microphone.

Cons: The hard case that used to come with this unit was not included in the retail package that I purchased. The new headset fits just fine in my existing case, so this is wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Unfortunately people purchasing this for the first time will only get a carrying bag which doesn’t protect the unit as well. Also the detachable dongle that used to convert the unit from dual TRS 1/8? plugs to USB has been changed into a non-detachable, USB only plug. If you were hoping to use the headphones with other standard audio jacks, you’re out of luck.

I’m still happy with the quality of the headset, and overall I think it’s a good purchase. The new USB hookup is now recognized by my Fedora 15 box as a “Logitech H555 headset,” so I expect the audio hardware inside is updated slightly. It seems to work perfectly just as the old one did. Just be aware of the above changes if you intend to buy one.

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