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Flock Day 2.

Flock Day 2.

Here’s a summary of today’s activity at Flock 2014 where I participated or attended. I also have a blog entry reporting what I did on Day 1 of the conference.

  • Up at 7:00am (relatively late) to meet Fedorans for breakfast before going to the venue.
  • I attended Stephen Gallagher’s talk on Fedora Server. I also wrote this up for Fedora Magazine. You can read the article here.
  • I also attended Aditya Patawari’s talk on Ansible. I also wrote this up for Fedora Magazine. You can read the article here.
  • Then it was time for the Novena keynote on a fully open source laptop.
  • Sometimes even a great conference has to give way for your paid job. So I skipped lunch to work on some managerial duties. These things also have to get done, even at a Fedora conference, so the team can operate successfully.
  • I attended the Meet Your FESCo session. I even managed to get a question (and a “thank you” comment) into the proceedings. I did this mainly to prompt some comments from the FESCo members.
  • I had some side conversations with Radek Vokal and Denise Dumas. Like me, they’re part of Red Hat’s platform engineering organization (which makes RHEL).
  • I attended the Aditya Patawari’s talk on Docker. But mostly I realized I was running out of gas. Between the warm room and Aditya’s soothing voice, I had a hard time staying awake. So I decided to work on this blog to keep myself from dozing off.
  • I sat in on Stephen Gallagher’s talk on “” This was his cute way of inspiring interest in the upcoming Fedora 22, to release in 2015.
  • After the talks ended, it was time to head back to the hotel to refresh. Then we met up and boarded a steamer for the big Flock Boat Party.

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