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En route to 2015.

En route to 2015.

Like several other Red Hatters this week, I’m traveling to Brno in the Czech Republic to attend 2015. DevConf is a fantastic open source conference that focuses on new technology upstream in dozens of important projects. It’s a great place to find out what’s coming next, and what’s already emerging in Fedora Rawhide.

DevConf always has great speakers, and this year is no exception. For instance, I’m looking forward to hearing what the systemd team plans to “break” next. People on the Fedora team including Dr. Pierre-Yves Chibon (pingou) and Patrick Uiterwijk (puiterwijk) are also featured on the Fedora day on Sunday. The CentOS team also has breakouts on Sunday, so it should be a great day for exchange across projects.

Before DevConf starts, I have some meetings happening in Red Hat’s Brno office. Also I hope to catch up with some friends and colleagues in the office, especially a few who are focused on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Working in Fedora full time again means I don’t catch up with them as often in the course of a day.

I might be atypically absent from IRC while rushing around the office or at DevConf. If you need to reach me, email will probably work best. I might be delayed getting back to you but I’ll do my best to keep up while overseas. I’m writing this from the gate at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, doing my best to reset my body clock by drinking coffee and keeping my eyes open!