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Fedora release infrastructure job opening.

Fedora release infrastructure job opening.

The team I manage at Red Hat, the Fedora Engineering team, includes people who work on Fedora infrastructure, application development, and design. We have a job opening dedicated to architecting and building the next generation of release tools for Fedora.

With the rise of container technology such as Docker, and new platform tools like Project Atomic, we have a lot of opportunities to innovate in how we release Fedora. The three editions of Fedora (Workstation, Server, and Cloud) introduced in Fedora 21 give us better defined targets for what we build. But we also need tools that support building a variety of potentially new deliverables for those targets.

While we have a fantastic team of Fedora release engineers responsible for delivering the bits, they’re consistently strapped for resources to do heavy software development. Based on discussion with release engineers in both Fedora and RHEL, I believe this position will help us improve on two fronts:

  • Faster, more efficient, and more dynamic tools for creating a larger variety of compose deliverables
  • An environment that allows rapid iteration and continuous delivery/integration, and participation of a large community of contributors in more of a dev-ops fashion

A major portion of the value that Red Hat derives from Fedora — which allows Red Hat to invest in Fedora with jobs like this — is rapid integration of new technology in advance of RHEL. In the same way, Fedora has the opportunity to deliver advanced build and release tools for reuse by RHEL and hopefully CentOS as well. Therefore, the engineer in this job will play a critical role in making Fedora even more valuable.

This will be a challenging role! The incumbent will need to be not only a strong engineer with great architectural sense, but also a strong leader who can work with others in the community to unify around great tools and process. If you think you’re the perfect person for this job, apply through the Red Hat Jobs listing. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me via email.