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School’s out for weather.

School’s out for weather.

The ugly weather from Tropical Storm Ernesto is keeping everyone in the house today, and the outlook for the weekend is pretty poor by all accounts. Those of you with small children know that when combined with a long weekend off work, this spells looming insanity. For some reason the word “Valium” keeps flashing in my head in big neon letters.

My personal road to the screaming heebie-jeebies got started when I showed up at work and the water mains serving our building were out. Not a working faucet or bathroom in sight. At lunch time, with no relief in sight, and probably feeling the strain as their bladders expanded like water balloons, the executives sent everyone home for the day. It seemed a little ironic, since the all the water currently falling from the sky will be relieving a long drought, and probably causing some flash floods to boot.

Perhaps I can use some of today to work on our packaging stuff in Docs. I got some pretty sweet OMF generation working a few days ago and haven’t had time to return to it for a while.

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