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Cougar Pride!

Cougar Pride!

Today was Evie’s first day of school. She was so excited when I put her to bed last night I was sure she’d wake us up before dawn with her backpack on, ready to hit the road. Fortunately she slept well — better than either of her parents to be sure.

To somewhat keep Eleya’s mind off missing Evie, we ran a couple errands, including a library run and a weird crosstown zigzag as we tried to find decent Chinese cabbage for me to make some homemade kimchi. Mmm, kimchi. After I got the cabbage cut and soaking in the brine, I took her and Ethan, who was probably rejoicing that he was now inexplicably and miraculously an only child, to lunch in town.

After nap-time we picked Evie up from school, and she obviously had a great time there. She already made a friend or two, and got to know her classroom, school, and teacher. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the idea of a “journal” that the teacher sends home daily. If there’s anything we need to know, she puts it in the book, and vice versa for that matter. It’s easy for us to correspond without demanding too much of the teacher’s hectic schedule. It’s also good for the kids since it helps set up a routine and gives them a sense of responsibility without overloading them too much.

Evie got home and immediately sat down at the table to write a note. I asked her what she was writing, and she explained to me that one of the children in her class had been very upset and crying because she missed her mother. She was writing a note to console the little girl! I guess that means we’re not raising a sociopath, so we’ve got that going for us.