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Helping the defenders, errata.

Some additional information regarding my last post about helping Red Hat with a Fedora trademark issue: It turns out that materials using the old Fedora logo aren’t necessarily irrelevant. In fact, any evidence of our using the word “Fedora” in connection with our distro before January 30, 2007 is valuable. …

You can help the defenders.

For years, Red Hat Legal has given free services to the Fedora Project such as counsel on licensing and IP issues like patents and trademarks. Now they’re asking for help from us, the Fedora community.  Here’s a brief snippet of what I wrote to the advisory-board list this morning: Red …

Bring on the skins.

Did you know that you can use Fedora trademarks to create skins, application themes, Firefox personas, and other such application sprucer-uppers, pursuant to our trademark guidelines? You can find this change, along with complete usage guidelines, through our trademark guidelines page on the Fedora wiki.

Here there be lawyers.

Over the past year-and-some-change, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with Red Hat Legal on the treatment of Fedora trademarks in our community. In particular, Pam Chestek, one of the very small handful people I work with who’s been at Red Hat for a shorter time than I, …